Our consumers are at the heart of all that we do. You asked, and we listened!

Below, please find some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received from our OXY consumers either directly or via our social media channels and website.

We put them to Dr Mathobela, a leading specialist dermatologist and OXY’s resident skincare expert, for her professional feedback.

Q: Please can you recommend an effective skincare routine? I am not sure where or how to start.

A: We would suggest starting with the OXY Daily Face Wash to cleanse your skin. After the face wash, use our OXY Micellar Water. This product will help remove any dirt and impurities and will hydrate the skin. Follow with the daily moisturiser to keep your skin moisturised. Should you suffer from any breakouts, consider the OXY Lotion 5 which is a very effective spot treatment. We also recommend the use of a good sunscreen every morning, approximately 20 minutes before sun exposure, with reapplication every three hours when outdoors.

Q: I have dry skin. Can I use the OXY skincare range?

A: Our products are formulated for more of an oily skin and one prone to acne. However, we can recommend the OXY Daily Moisturiser to moisturise your skin whilst helping with any breakouts. In case of more severe breakouts, you can make use of our OXY 5 lotion as spot treatment. Only apply it to the affected areas. Another option is to substitute one’s face wash for micellar water. A face wash could dry the skin out further, whilst micellar water both cleans and hydrates the skin at the same time.

Q: Which product(s) would you recommend for breakouts or scarring?

A: We recommend the full range for best results. Should you be prone to breakouts, we recommend either OXY Lotion 5 or OXY Lotion 10 – depending on the severity. OXY Scar Care is an innovative formulation combining a Vitamin Complex and Turmeric to assist in fading out post acne and pimple scars whilst keeping your skin clear of spots and blackheads. We strongly recommend that you avoid popping pimples as this will only serve to worsen one’s acne. Daily use of a good sunscreen will also help to minimise the formation of blemishes.

Q: I suffer from acne and breakouts. How can I get rid of it?

A: We recommend following a good daily skincare routine, consistently. OXY offers a range of skincare products specially developed to manage and treat spots and blemishes, including acne. Four easy steps to radiant and healthy skin – cleanse, tone, moisturise, treat. Further, avoid foods that can exacerbate acne. These include foods with a high glycaemic index such as sugars, dairy and fatty foods. If possible, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink enough water and take one probiotic daily.

Q: Have you discontinued the toner? I can’t find it?

A: Skincare trends have shown a shift from toner to micellar water! Micellar water has significant benefits over toner. OXY Micellar Water is a gentle cleanser that removes impurities whilst hydrating the skin. Recommended for those with dry, sensitive and acne prone skin.

Q: How do I use the OXY 5 and OXY 10 lotions?

A: Each product contains Benzoyl Peroxide that helps to treat pimples, blackheads and acne (pustules). OXY 10 contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and can be used for severe acne whilst OXY 5 contains 5% Benozyl Peroxide and is suitable for mild to moderate acne. This is not a moisturiser and should only be applied to the affected area. Due to the strength of OXY 10, it is recommended that you gradually introduce it into your skincare routine. Always be sure to do a test on your upper inner arm a few days before applying to rule out any potential allergic reactions.