The biggest effect that acne or bad skin can have on a persons’ life is the drop in self-confidence. There is already a lot of pressure placed on specifically the youth by social media, TV, etc. Unfortunately added pressure can come from friends and family – especially if they don’t understand the causes and origins of acne. This can be quite traumatic, ultimately affecting relationships with friends and even with family. Bad skin can seriously affect one’s self-confidence which in turn can affect your whole world – especially if you are a teenager! It can affect your ability to be socially interactive and to feel accepted by your peers.

OXY would love to assist in offering a solution to problem skin – thereby helping you regain your self-confidence once again! Visually, the new campaign speaks to healthy skin, including fresh and invigorating images that are aspirational, ultimately leading to the feeling of Confidence.


OXY is a brand for all walks of life; young , old, scholar, professional. This brand can assist anyone with regards to problem skin, pimples and mild acne.

OXY has been around for generations. It is a global brand with formulations that have been tried and tested. Very recently the brand introduced a Cleansing Toner to the range with Salicylic Acid as well as a Moisturiser with an SPF of 15. With the introduction of these products, the range now offers a full skincare regime. OXY offers 4 easy steps to Healthy Skin. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and Treat. An easy everyday regime that speaks to keeping your skin clear and healthy – as well as offering products like OXY 10 Lotion to treat more serious issues like acne. Skincare is as important to us as it is to you – we are therefore continuously looking at new innovative and effective products to assist in keeping skin clean and healthy.