The Vivacious 20-year old from East London, was announced as the female Face of Oxy 2017.

Asked what winning the competition meant to her, Nomzingisi says it was one of her proudest moments. “This is a big step for me as I’m aspiring to be a face model”. The Face of Oxy competition attracts young faces and role models with healthy looking, radiant skin, but its objective is also to celebrate young people who are inspirational, confident and admired by their peers.

A second year law student at the Nelson Mandela School of Law in East London, she enjoys reading literature and poetry, speech writing and taking part in outreach initiatives. She admits she is an “emotional” person, loves boots more than flowers, likes socialising and going to the movies. “I also enjoy good food but not cooking, and you’ll always find me looking at my phone,” she laughs.

According to Nomzingisi, she’s never tried to fit in and sees herself as an unpretentious individual. “I know where I’m from but also know where I’m heading,” continues Nomzingisi. Her advice to other twenty year olds is that one is never too young to start working towards reaching one’s dream. “Your twenties are in fact the perfect time to set your goals and then work tirelessly to achieve them!”, she says. Her immediate goal is to graduate with an LLB and to then try her hand at modelling. She wouldn’t mind being a presenter at some point, and in a few years’ time, aspires to have her own orphanage where she can mentor young people and be a role model and “parent”.

Being an orphan herself, she can identify with others in the same situation. After losing both her parents at a young age, she was raised by her two older sisters in the small rural town of Umzimkulu in KwaZulu Natal.

Unlike other young girls her age who might have chosen to party, she celebrated her 20th birthday with a visit to a local orphanage to launch her own foundation, the Constance N Foundation. Named after her late mother, her foundation’s main goal is to help orphanages in disadvantaged areas.

This includes sourcing donations for necessities such as clothing and toiletries, and offering career guidance to Grade 11s. “I can relate to the foundation as the emotional issues which I had to overcome, gave me the necessary drive and courage to launch the foundation in order to help others”, says Nomzingisi.

Watch this Face of Oxy, as her star is to shine even brighter in the years to come!